What started as a small project in a cluttered basement has quickly evolved into a state-wide craze. Co-founders, Audrey and Sam had a simple goal when starting The Nitro Cart., to provide good, I mean really good nitro coffee on the go. 

In the summer of 2016 the two traveled from their home in Jamestown to the east side of Providence every day. Popping-up all over town they quickly found their "spot" on a shady sidewalk on the East Side. It was here where they realized they had created a buzz, ( and no, not just from the caffeine.)  By August The Nitro Cart. could be seen swarmed with crowds waiting for their nitro fix.

If you see it, grab a Nitro Brew! Don’t miss out or you’ll be sorry. Perfection in a cup.
Fantastic coffee. No need for cream or sugar. Plus friendly and fun service. Who can ask for anything more!
— Kim


We source our coffee beans from a local Rhode Island roaster. We've worked closely with him to create our custom Nitro Cart blend. Our signature blend features deep tones of cocoa with an incredible creamy texture. We believe in the awesome-ness of local, and are proud that we have harnessed it in a cup of joe.  


I had your brew at Crazy Burger today, and I just needed to tell you, I believe it’s the best I’ve ever had. I work in NYC, and have had my share of nitro here. I would put yours up against any of it. Well done!”
— Little Rocket Dog
As a matter of fact, I was at a party last night, bragging about how great it is (So fantastic that there’s no need to add anything. No Half N’ Half. No milk. No sugar. Nadda. Nothing. Let me just say that I never ever EVER drink my coffee without milk or cream. Unless it’s Nitro Brew. That’s saying lots
— Patty J Blog