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Now Open

Think The Nitro Cart minus the wheels, but plus fancy shmancy espresso, plants, couches, empanadas, and room to stay and hang out with us.

open everyday from 7-7.

Pay us a visit and fuel those cravings.

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The Bar.

The Nitro Bar is now our full-time place to hang. In addition to serving coffee on wheels and in restaurants all across New England, we now serve coffee every damn day in a shop of our very own.

And we do treat it a bit like a bar. We're here to chat, have fun, and make some incredible craft coffees and specially selected food from our favorite local vendors.

You'll also catch us hosting live music and performances!

The Food.

From Capricho's Antioquenos, Pawtucket//
Empanada Hawaiana / Papa De Pollo / Pastel De Pollo / Aji Sauce
Churros /  Tres Leches Cake / Caramel Flan / Milojas
From Rebelle Artisan Bagels, Providence//
Bagels: Sesame / Pretzel / Everything
Cream Cheese: Plain / Chive / Harissa

hey, there's bikes in here.

Yep, we share a space with DASH Bicycle: a full service bicycle shop and service center.
What can we say? We like things with wheels.

Sip a coffee while your bike is being serviced. Ride a bike while your coffee is being serviced. Whatever combination you can think of. 

Find us at 228 Broadway in Providence, RI