This Is How We're Bringing You The Perfect Fall Flavor



For weeks, we've been getting requests for an oh-so-basic but oh-so-delicious pumpkin spice offering at the carts. We always aim to please (and to satisfy our own fall flavor cravings, if we're being honest), so this week we rolled out La Calabaza--and, according to the Nitro Cartel, it might be our very best cocktail yet! The positive response has been overwhelming, and we're so excited to be able to brighten your day one cup at a time.

That being said, we keep getting the question "Why is this so damn good?" We're more than happy to share. Read on to find out how we make pumpkin spice magic right before your eyes.



We start with the best pumpkin purée we've ever tried and combine it with your choice of milk in our cocktail shakers. We add a little bit of ice, then top the whole thing off with some of our signature Nitro Cold Brew. The whole thing gets a good shake, and then is poured over ice to give you the perfect pumpkin cocktail.

But wait, the fun doesn't stop there! We top off your glass with a little more pumpkin purée and then garnish it with fresh sage and thyme. All together, La Calabaza is one of the best fall drinks we've encountered. And it's not just us--you all seem to think so too, and that's why we're so excited to bring it to you.


We're serving up La Calabaza at the carts all the way through the pumpkin spice--er, the fall--season. Come ring in autumn with us the right way.

AU Finocchiaro