A Visit to Barden Family Orchards

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Picking The Best:

The very moment we first caught a hint of the fall season in the air, we knew what we needed: Apple cider on tap. But we know not all ciders are made equal, so we did our research to track down the best apple cider in Rhode Island. Mostly relying on the advice of friends and customers, there was a pretty unanimous response: Barden Family Orchards.

The Visit

We've been visiting Barden Family Orchards every week for the past 6 weeks to pick up their freshest batches for our Nitro Apple Cider. The farm is beautiful and quintessentially New England, tucked away in North Scituate, Rhode Island. In operation since 1931, Barden Family Orchard is as authentic and seasoned as can be. A sense of history and dedication to the craft is apparent when you walk the grounds.

The Offerings

Barden Family Orchard isn't just a place to swing by and grab a gallon of cider though. Their market maintains all kinds of seasonal produce including squash, pumpkins, tomatoes, raspberries, eggplant and apples. You can also take to the fields yourself and pick your own produce. 

The biggest crowd pleasers are undoubtedly the apples, of which they have 20 varieties! And each time we return, the week's harvest gets better and better as the more matured apples grow in flavor. That means that our Nitro Apple Cider also gets better with every single week. Picking is open to the public until the season's first snowflakes, so you still have time to pay them a visit and to order our Nitro Apple Cider at the cart (though not much longer, because we're already in the works picking out our next seasonal special).

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