Dump Your Office Coffee

 Photo By @thamysnonsense

Photo By @thamysnonsense

Office Coffee: Notoriously Bad

"Office Coffee." The utterance itself can bring a bitter taste to your palate. It's been sitting in that dirty glass pot for how long?

Don't get us wrong, we love hot coffee too, but it just wasn't made to last that long. Research shows that hot coffee goes through some pretty dramatic changes within it's first two hours. It's exposure to air lends way to the oxidizing process. Even kept hot, the coffee suffers severely.

"The longer you keep a pot of drip coffee hot, the greater the denigration of the 40 or so delicate aroma molecules, particularly those that have that pleasant sulfury-roasty smell. Research points out that the acidity also increases over time due to the lactones in the coffee brew being hydrolyzed to form free acids. The changes in the coffee brew after two or three hours can be measured by the pH which can drop from 5.4 to 4.6." This process serves to "accentuate the less desirable flavors and so influences the perceived bitterness in the cup" (American Chemical Society).

Half-Assed Solution

Okay, so maybe your office has stepped up it's game and has a coffee pod system like a Keurig. At least the coffee hasn't been sitting out in the open for an unknown amount of time when you pour it. But it's still coffee in a plastic pod... It's not exactly the tastiest or freshest, and it's painfully unsustainable. "Placed end to end, the pods sold in a year would circle the globe roughly 10 times" (New York Times). *Cringe* Even the new "recyclable" k-cups can't be recycled in single-stream systems and require specific drop-off locations/facilities. This is far from ideal for the environment and your taste buds.


We Can Do Better

For your employees, for your taste buds, for your business, for the environment, we can do better. That's why we're opening up our tap installations to offices. Since our very first installs in restaurants and cafes, we've received constant requests from businesses large and small wanting Nitro Cart taps in their offices. We can't blame you. We keep a tap in our office and it's proven to be a centerpiece for productivity, morale, office hangs, and a great treat for visitors.

The Beauty of Nitro Cold Brew

Well firstly, it's delicious. So much so that most of our customers add nothing to it! Even those who never thought they'd see the day that when they'd enjoy a black coffee. That's because cold brew coffee has never been heated. It's brewed for 24 hours in cold water, bringing out the deeper flavors of the coffee without the acidic bite. We then infuse it with nitrogen and pour it on tap, resulting in an extra smooth coffee that even cascades and foams like a Guinness. Every pour is fresh and comes out just as beautiful and tasty as the last.

Find out how to get one in your office (your employees will be glad you did):

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