Weekly Featurette: Brigg's Nursery

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The first time we ever visited Brigg's, our very first thought was "Wow, this place is huge!" (But with some expletives mixed in). 

And it really is huge. That's because in addition to being a home gardening store, it's a nursery with a giant greenhouse, all manner of home goods, landscaping solutions, and our favorite part, a delicious cafe (that's where we're serving up Nitro Cart Cold Brew). 




The food there is incredible! Didn't think a local nursery could serve up tasty food? You're mistaken. Brigg's is serving up restaurant quality dishes, made fresh in-house with a beautiful dining area, both indoors and outside. Our favorite dish (so far): Eggplant Florentine Flatbread Sandwich. Crispy eggplant, provolone, red peppers and olive oil are winning ingredients.

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Whether you're plant shopping, revamping your yard, or you're just hungry, Brigg's is your spot in North Attleborough.

Directions Please.

AU Finocchiaro