The Trend


Dear Labor Day,

We need to talk. 


You owe me some money, and by some I mean a lot of money, for all of the white clothes I just bought.

Just kidding. Around here, we don't pay mind to rules like that. That's why we're wearing white this week (and the week after that... and whenever we feel like it). 


What We Wear White With

(What a mouthful)




We stand by the tried and true rule: Neutrals go with everything. 

Wear white in a pile of leaves, on top of a mountain, to bed, with other white things, walls, wigs, whatever.

Photo Sep 07, 1 20 48 PM.jpg

When The Worst Happens


Since we're highly recommending wearing white and drinking coffee, it would be irresponsible for us to end this editorial without touching on a sore subject. COFFEE STAINS.

It Happens. And when it does, here's the basic steps to getting a coffee stain out of white clothing:

1. Blot the coffee up ASAP                 

2. Rinse with cold water before putting in washer

3. If it's being extra stubborn, try a touch of white vinegar or a stain stick

No harm done, you're looking good again.

AU Finocchiaro