The Trend: Coffee, the Ultimate Superfood

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Nitro is our favorite part of the day for plenty of reasons, but did you know that regularly drinking coffee has health benefits, too?

Coffee beans are rich in disease-fighting compounds called antioxidants, which prevent damage from molecules called free radicals that contribute to accelerated aging, cancer, and other diseases. In fact, Americans drink so much coffee that it's often the main source of antioxidants in the American diet! Dark chocolate has lots of them, too, which is why they make a perfect pairing. Try them together in our Chocolate Bar cocktail.


Coffee also contains magnesium and chromium, which help the body use insulin. This helps regulate blood sugar levels and deceases your risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Plus, black coffee is naturally low in calories. The nitro in our cold brew makes it super smooth and creamy on its own, which means there's no need to add milk or sweeteners. It's good for your tastebuds and your waistline, which means all the more reason to sip on it all day long.

Of course, coffee gives you a caffeine kick, which stimulates your brain and improves its function. This is always good in the mornings, but can be especially great right before a workout! It revs up your metabolism, helps your body burn fat, and helps you focus. This means higher-intensity workouts, more energy, and better results. Sounds like a pretty good move, right? Our nitro cold brew is perfect to cool down with afterwards, too.


So go ahead, have a cup of coffee--or two, or three. Your body will thank you. And you'll get to hang out with us, too. Catch us at the cart next week, or come find us on tap.

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