The Trend: Americana on Campus

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Leaves On The Ground

Not kidding, there's been a few auburned leaves laying around our neighborhood.

Here in New England, it's easy to be a fall fanatic. In a city where half of the population are migratory students and our cobbled streets are shaded by trees of the deciduous variety, fall hits extra hard.

In a matter of days, Providence transforms from a sleepy summer residence to a young, bustling, nonetheless charming metropolis.

That's why we love having our cart out at Brown University. 




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Older Than America 

Brown University was established in 1764. That's right, it's older than the United States.

As a result, the campus and the surrounding city of Providence is chock full of buildings that are hundreds of years old, sometimes with some contemporary pieces mixed in, with mixed results. We like the ecclectecism. 


What Else Is Old As America?

Coffee is an American tradition. From The United State's earliest days, Americans have set themselves apart as coffee drinkers. It started as an act of rebellion against unfair taxation on British imports, but clearly it stuck. Americans dumped British tea into the Boston Harbor, and symbolically broke up with their old tea drinking habits.

We've been coffee drinkers ever since. So, live it up in true New England style with a Nitro Cold Brew in hand and take a stroll around the Autumn treasure that is Brown University.

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The Nitro Cart Is Out at Brown

Monday - Friday at two locations

94 Waterman Street

138 George Street

AU Finocchiaro