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Our office is overflowing with plants and we couldn’t be happier about it. They keep our office fresh, beautiful and bright and make us forget that we’re really inside a 100 year old brick warehouse.

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Can My Plants Drink Coffee Too?



So, you never quite finished that cup of coffee and now it’s been sitting out all day. Instead of running to the kitchen sink, can you offer it to one of your plants instead?

Well, maybe, it depends. For plant varieties that prefer more acidic soils, an occasional dose of coffee may be a welcomed watering.

Gardenias, orchids and ferns are notoriously acid-loving, but there are plenty of varieties out there. Do a quick google search for yours.

That said, the best way to feed your plants coffee is to dilute it before before you pour it in. And with any plant, the best TLC is a careful eye. If your plant starts to yellow around the tips, that’s a sign the soil may be too acidic for them.

AU Finocchiaro