Featurette of The Week, Stock Culinary Goods

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A Million And One Reasons Why We Love Stock.

            Where to start? If you’re a foodie, like many of us, your dreams are most likely filled with strolling through the aisles of Stock. They have everything you could ever need. From handmade oyster boards to the sweetest smelling candles, they’ve got it all.  

            Stock was one of the #NitroCartels first installs - this shows just how dare-devilish the crew is over there. Jan, the queen of Hope St / Owner of Stock, cares deeply about the goods she brings in. Every piece is hand selected by herself, or one of her awesome worker bees. They think about every fine detail. Resulting in a shop filled with local, top-notch goods.

            And what’s better than caffeinating whilst shopping? We have loved having our signature brew on tap there. Their funky wall outside also makes for some pretty epic Insta pics. So if you haven’t made the trip yet, now’s the time. #NitroCartXStock

AU Finocchiaro