How is Nitro Cold Brew Made?


Just kidding. Our nitro coffee starts with a signature blend of seven types of locally-sourced beans. To make cold brew, we coarse-grind our signature beans, let the grinds sit in cold water for 24 hours, and then extract the grinds from the chilled water. The result is a delicious, locally-made cold brew with strong notes of cocoa and soft touches of vanilla.  

Next up, the fun part: add nitrogen. Our cold brew goes into chilled kegs that are infused with pure nitrogen and connected to taps. So when we pull that tap handle down, a creamy cascade of cold brew pours out.  

 This process creates a drink like no other. Nitrogen gives our cold brew an amazing mouth feel but doesn’t compromise the taste. There’s no acidity, no bitterness, and no upset stomach involved - just rich, delicious, refreshing coffee that stands out on its own.

Author: Audrey Falk 

AU Finocchiaro