The Trend: Summer's End


Fall is in the air, and as excited as we are about the cooler weather coming our way, we're not quite ready to say goodbye to summer yet. We're just as excited about apple cider and cinnamon as the next guy, but there's also no denying that there's so much to do when it's warm in Rhode Island and beyond. So how are we soaking up the last of the Rhody sun before fall gets into full swing?

That's a good question--and who better to ask than the cart masters themselves? You know and love our boys out at the cart every day, and you keep asking them what they're up to when they're not slinging nitro cold brew. We're all about bringing the Nitro Cartel what they want, so read on to find out how they're planning to wind down the summer season.



You'll find AJ down on George Street, whipping up a mean nitro cocktail and asking about the exam you had last Thursday (not kidding, he remembers this stuff). With the little bit of good weather we have left, he's planning on heading up to New Hampshire to spend some time in the mountains. Lafayette is one of his favorite classic White Mountain hikes--so classic, in fact, that he says he could probably make the whole 5,000 foot-something ascent in wool socks & Birks. We're still waiting on photos for definite proof, but if anyone can pull it off, it's AJ.

As for around Rhode Island, AJ's looking forward to camping out with friends and drinking plenty of coffee. Not a bad plan, if we do say so ourselves.



Up on Waterman Street you'll find Cole, who has plenty of awesome Nitro jars, totes, and pins for you to pick up with your cup of coffee. Most recently, he's been spending his down time leafing through The Hidden Life of Trees (get it? Also, there's apparently a science behind forest dynamics, so you should ask him about it). Otherwise, he's gearing up for a last good surf excursion while the sun's still shining. That's not to say that the end of the summer will stop him--he'll gladly throw on his boots and gloves once it gets cold--but there's no competition when it comes to summer surfing in the Ocean State.

Once he heard that AJ was headed up to hike the Whites, he decided he was going to do that, too. Looks like serving up great coffee isn't the only thing these two have in common.


If you're looking for something to do this weekend, check out any of the places where we have nitro cold brew on tap. Or, come hunt the cart down for a little bit more fun.

AU Finocchiaro