a b o u t u s


What started as a small project in a cluttered basement has quickly evolved into a state-wide craze. With a coffee cart hand-made from scrap wood, co-founders Audrey and Sam started hitting the streets with their cart and serving up Nitro cold brew coffee on the East Side of Providence. The demand for The Nitro Cart erupted.

Now a year later, we have 3 carts and have installed 50 (and counting!) Nitro taps into restaurants and businesses all over Rhode Island, and most recently, Boston! Our sights are set on bringing the best nitro cold brew to the ends of New England (and beyond) as we build a growing community of Nitro coffee lovers.


our mission

First and foremost, our mission has been simple: Provide really f*cking good nitro cold brew. Beyond that, we know we wouldn't be anywhere if it weren't for our amazing customers and partnering local businesses. They're what we like to call the "Nitro Cartel," an ever-growing community full of Nitro Cart enthusiasts, bad ass local business owners, and everyone who makes our state incredible and our jobs a pleasure. Keep up with the Cartel on our social media platforms and subscribe to our weekly newsletter.